L4a1 Further Notes and Views

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Simple squared depiction
A Kolam with two cycles[1]
Hearst Castle tile [2]
Mosaic seen at Kibbutz Lahav [3]
Carving above door of church in Italy
Decorative depiction
(crossings along one side)
Linked hearts used as symbol of Vendée region of France
Heraldic ornament.
Composed of intersecting circles.
Decorative fitting closely within square.
Ancient Roman mosaic.
Made of two (impossible) Penrose rectangles.
Array of "Solomon's knots" forming overall circular patterns.
Configuration of three L4a1
Configuration of four L4a1
Medieval manuscript
Medieval manuscript
Medieval manuscript
Rotated knotwork cross with eight L4a1 sub-configurations
Knotopologynn-diagram for "Solomon's knots"