Replacing the operating system todo list

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Things we should be including in the backup

  • /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  • /etc/aliases
  • /etc/iptables-firewall.conf
  • /etc/rd.d/rc.local

Okay -- I have a local backup of these, as of --Scott 19:26, 10 Oct 2006 (EDT)

To do

Make paranoid backup copies of the SQL databases and SVN repositories -- Scott's job for Tuesday evening.


Are we going to have any issues with userids changing?! ie, will permissions get all screwed up when we recreate the various accounts?
I guess we can gaurantee that userids don't change, by recreating users with the -u switch (see man useradd).
Here's a list of our current users.
Reconfigure apache
Hopefully copying the appropriate sections from the old /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf is all that's needed.
Reinstall SQL 4.0
See instructions at the top of this page.
Restoring the SQL databases
I can't work out where SQL is installed, let alone where it keeps its database files. This is definitely the scary part! --Scott 19:56, 10 Oct 2006 (EDT)
In addition to doing an sqldump and restore (What's the procedure for restoring? I don't know at all!) we may have to reconfigure the SQL users and passwords.
Reconfigure the firewall
See /etc/iptables-firewall.conf
Reinstall SVN
Requires finding the RHEL3 rpms.
Check that up2date works
We'd previously had problems because Scott had installed python2.4, without all the necessary addons. See above.

Not so critical

Reinstalling a modern java VM
Installing ant

Not critical

  • Get the omath mailing lists working again.
    • This is probably unlikely; I never documented what I was doing, and I remember there being quite a few configuration files that needed changes...
    • Everthing is in /usr/local/mailman, I think?
  • Make sure jira and fisheye start automatically.
  • Check mysqladmin and webalizer still work? They should.