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The Knot Atlas

Welcome to the Knot Atlas! This site aims to be a complete user-editable knot atlas, in the wiki spirit of Wikipedia. It is being developed primarily by Scott and Dror, but any one can edit almost anything, anytime. Some advice can be found at how you can contribute.

As with all evolving projects, the most important part of the Knot Atlas is the To Do list.

Rolfsen 240.png

The Rolfsen Table of knots with up to 10 crossings.

The Hoste-Thistlethwaite Table of 11 Crossing Knots.

Knots11 240.png
Links 240.png

The Thistlethwaite Link Table.

36 Torus Knots with up to 36 Crossings.

TorusKnots 240.png
KnotTheory 240.gif

The Mathematica Package KnotTheory`.

The Take Home Database


Extras: Tube plots with TubePlot, WikiLink - The Mediawiki Interface.

See also: Jeremy Green's Table of Virtual Knots, Chuck Livingston's amazing Table of Knot Invariants, Hermann Gruber's atlas of rational knots, Paul Zinn-Justin's alternating virtual link database and Slavik Jablan and Radmila Sazdanovic's webMathematica LinKnot.


"God created the knots, all else in topology is the work of mortals."

Leopold Kronecker (modified)


"Among Violet's many useful skills was a vast knowledge of different types of knots"

Lemony Snicket, A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning