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While editing the wiki, you have access to much of LaTeX's typesetting functionality. Simply enclosing LaTeX code in <math> and </math> tags should give the desired result.

For example

<math>\int_0^x t^2 \; \textrm{d} t = \frac{x^3}{3}</math>


You should also be able to use commands defined in the package amssymb (although there are problems with some symbols, most of which are fixable if you tell Scott about them). You can also use Dror's dbnsymb package, like this:

 \langle\slashoverback\rangle =
     A\langle\hsmoothing\rangle + B\langle\smoothing\rangle

which renders as

Failed to parse (unknown function "\slashoverback"): {\displaystyle   \langle\slashoverback\rangle =      A\langle\hsmoothing\rangle + B\langle\smoothing\rangle  }