Ornamental depictions of links with 12 crossings

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Some decorative depictions of links with 12 crossings :

I) With two component
a) Components are loops
b) One component is knoted
II) With three components
III) With four loops
IV) With six loops

For ornamental depictions of knots with 12 crossings, see K12a477, K12a503, K12a541, K12a561, K12a975, K12a991, K12a1019, K12a1210, K12n242, and (non-prime) Image:Trefoil-of-trefoils.png, Image:Celtic-knot-insquare-green-transparentbg.png, Image:Three-figure8-knot triang1.png, and Image:Three-figure8-knot triang2.png.